Polish Event

The Japanese construction company Kongo Gumi existed for over 1,428 years?

This is as many as 1,428 reasons to organize an annual festivity!

The Organization of Formals

Formals are an important element of every respectable company. Establishment anniversaries, the announcement of contest results, the celebration of a successful deal, or the presentation of a new product are great occasions to plan a memorable formal. We have tremendous abilities to make sure that every event will forever be etched into the memories of Your Clients.

For years we have been conducting cooperative work with the representatives of recreation, hotel, and catering trades. We are confident that our event personnel will ensure a high quality celebration. We will take care of the preparation, planning, logistics, and technical aspects of the entire endeavor.

On your request, we will take care of: audio-visual technicalities, the scenery, decorations, promotional materials, gifts, filming, photography, catering, cocktail service, artists, interpreters, hostesses, recreational activities, choir performances, fireworks displays, and other shows. Professional personnel will ensure that the timing of all the aspects of the event will flow flawlessly and the colorful confetti of your firm’s logo colors and fireworks will maximize the emotions of your guests during the key moments of the event.