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Integration event history has
only 50 years?!
50 years ago was when the great advantages of such events where noticed!

Integration Socials

The integration of co-workers is the ability of effective team work, an element that all companies cannot exist without. What’s most intriguing? Of course, it’s tourism activity! Sailing, kayaking, outdoor games, integration games, dances, hikes, mountain climbs, they all teach, that team work can only lead to success of the entire company.

Urban games, scripted plays, or physical recreational activities encourage healthy rivalry amongst its participants, but it also teaches participants how to help one another. All of this has the purpose of allowing co-workers to learn how to discuss, cooperate, and become able to accomplish tasks assigned to them by their company as one, whole, integrated team.

We will help you with making the best choice for the given team of people in terms of the nature of the team building activity and its desired learning outcomes. We will take care of everything from beginning to end! We will rent boats, pitch tents, hire guides that will lead the group through mountain tracks, buy food on the track, or quite simply we can also organize a stay in an exclusive hotel in a location (around the world) of your choice, where a qualified person will lead all games, activities, or integration schooling.