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Motivational events where claimed to be investments with the highest return on investments?

Research shows that a motivated employee generates 70% more profit for his/her company than an unmotivated employee!

The Organization of Motivational Meetings

Pre-planned motivational trips are the best investments you can make for your company. They enable your most efficient workers to stay motivated during their productive service to you thus cementing their bonds with your company. The combination of a Caribbean cruise with schooling, or conferences is an investment that will definitely profit in the future! This is not the only option. Being an experienced company, we can really do a lot. We are not afraid of challenges and we will organize everything and adjust our preparations to your budget. Depending on the goal that you would like to achieve, it can be bungee jumping, sky diving, ski trips or less extreme off-road trips, sledge dog races, spending the night on the Sahara Desert with meals provided by the Berber people, traveling by camel on the desert, or a visit to one of the last wild tribes of Africa. Or maybe you would like an experience from a totally different shelf to some of the most thriving cities of the world: Tokyo, or New York City. We will appropriately combine schooling elements with recreational elements of the trip. Would such a trip not guarantee the loyalty of your worker?
It is worth investing in him/her, because he/she works to make sure that your company will reap profits. Motivate your worker! “There are more things in Heaven and Earth… …than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (W. Shakespeare, 1564-1616) so why don’t we show your workers some of those things?!