Polish Event

In large Polish companies, professional qualification certificates produce 50% more workers than in the West?

This rule applies to large companies, but does not apply to smaller ones.

The Organization of Schooling

Do you also think of boring lessons from your childhood school memories when you think of schooling? Boring teachers, boring schoolbooks (that never really came in handy), and long hours spent in a school desk? Now you can forget about it! Organized schooling through Polish Event give many sensational experiences thanks to appropriately chosen locations, from the mysterious Tetras Mountains, to the sunny coasts of northern Poland. Or maybe you would prefer schooling in the gorgeous city of Venice with a little sight seeing afterwards? Every topic of schooling will give the participant tremendous satisfaction and a healthy dose of positive emotions, which will guarantee that he/she will remember all the important aspects of the meeting. The basis of success in a company is a constant development of people. The topics of schooling is entirely up to you and your needs. We offer schoolings ranging from communications, management, marketing, law, and creativity. A professional team will lead the group through the toughest tasks.

We guarantee an exceptional schooling service. Beginning from the transport of participants, we will show them their accommodation , satisfy their catering needs, provide technical assistance as well as material aid during your schooling, send your group to thrilling trips, maybe a sporting event, and finish the event with a ceremonial dinner.